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Currently in Beta Testing. Release date to be announced

Chances are you are already familiar with how to access the wide variety of newspapers and magazines that are available over the telephone with NFB-NEWSLINE®. We are now providing these same features and functionality with the availability of a new program, KeyStream. KeyStream works just like calling NFB-NEWSLINE® on the phone, but is accessed through your computer and an Internet connection. If you are already familiar with calling NFB-NEWSLINE® over the phone, you will find it to be very easy to use KeyStream to connect to the service as it functions in the same way. Those who are very new to using the computer or using screen-reading software might find this to be a useful first step in gaining confidence and competence with this technology.

How to access NFB-NEWSLINE® over the computer with KeyStream

To use this particular method of access, you'll need to download the KeyStream application provided by NFB-NEWSLINE®. Once this application is on your computer it will automatically load your favorites and all of the other functionality that you're used to when using the telephone. You'll need to click on the icon for KeyStream and you can then use this access vehicle in the same way that you would over the phone - it even remembers where you left off in your last use! The first time you open the KeyStream application, you will need to enter your security codes; this may not be necessary after the first time.

One true advantage to KeyStream is that users don't have to have any familiarity with the computer with the exception of the numeric pad to the right of the keyboard, and screen-reading technology is not required to access the service. In this way, even someone with very little experience with, and even perhaps anxiety about, computers can use KeyStream easily and immediately. Using KeyStream offers the same experience as calling in on the phone to access the service.

Please note: This particular NFB-NEWSLINE® Online initiative is currently being tested and will be released at a later time. We do not have a specific release date. In the meantime, please explore our current options, WebNews on Demand, NFB-NEWSLINE® in Your Pocket and Podable News. You can access these options by selecting their links, available on every page throughout the Website.

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