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Updated March 16, 2009

One of the most exciting features offered to us via this Web site is the capability for increased communication with our subscribers that it affords. Beyond the necessary contact resulting from issues with the service, we want to hear from you about how you use NFB-NEWSLINE®, ideas that you might have for improving its functionality or your own enjoyment, or even suggestions for entertaining or edifying columns or sections. Whether it is a sports commentator's enthusiastic review of a new baseball recruit or a food writer's unique take on tofu, your favorite part of the paper could also be somebody else's must-read too. Below you'll find an interactive area where you can share with us and other subscribers your ideas, suggestions, and observations. Check back often as the content of this section will change regularly. Also be sure you are registered to receive the NFB-NEWSLINER, the newsletter for subscribers. If you would like to receive this newsletter, please e-mail Scott White.

With all of these questions, supply as much information as you can; for example, tell us about your preferred columnist or section and provide the name of the paper as well as the day(s) of the week it is available. We'd love to hear from you, please write E-mail to Scott White.

The below questions are just to get you started. You can also submit your own questions.

Q. Where do you go to get your culinary inspiration?
Q. Which paper do you turn to get the latest technology news?
Q. When do you find you most frequently enjoy reading the paper?
Q. Who is your favorite political columnist?
Q. Have you ever submitted an op-ed piece? To which paper, and why?


A phone line for your suggestions and comments.

Got a hot tip on an amazing article in today's newspaper? Clue us in and we'll spread the word. Call us at (866) 504-7300 and leave us a message. Contact us on our comment line to leave your suggestion or comment and then you may find yourself featured on this Web site or in another NFB-NEWSLINE® publication!

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