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Welcome to the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket information and download page. On this page you’ll learn about this new feature, how to read the publications on your digital talking book player, and information about, and links for, the application download that is used to retrieve your publications.

Feature Information

We've increased the flexibility and functionality of NFB-NEWSLINE® so that you can more easily and quickly get your news through your mobile Victor Reader Stream, Icon or Braille+. With the download of our free software application, you only need to plug your digital talking book player into your computer with a USB cord, launch the free application, and your favorite newspapers and magazines will be placed on your device automatically--it's as easy as that! With NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket you have increased portability and flexibility in reading the news and can enjoy the functionality that the DAISY player provides.

Download Information

To make use of the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket feature, you’ll need to download a free software application that will retrieve your favorite content for you. To experience the flexibility that NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket feature affords for yourself, please select the below link to download the software. Please note the difference in the file size for these two options; the download files are of different sizes as the second file includes the Java software for those who do not have it already installed on their computer. If you are uncertain which option to choose, it is best to select the file that includes the Java software. The file without Java included is 463 KB, and the file that has Java packaged is 20MB.

NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket Version 2.0 - Java Software Included (Recommended)
NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket Version 2.0 - Java Software Not Included

This will open up the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket setup wizard; follow these steps to have the program installed on your computer:

1. A dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to run or save this file. Choose “run.”

2. A second dialog box will open stating that the publisher could not be verified and asks if you want to run the file. Choose “run” again.

3. The NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket installation program will open. Select “Next” to begin the installation process.

4. To save the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket file on your computer, choose “next” again and then on the next screen click “install”

5. To finish the installation wizard and complete the process select “finish.”

Now that you have the application, getting your favorite paper or magazine is easy! You need to first make sure that you have placed your preferred publications in your “Favorites” folder; this can be done by using option #4 on the phone and adding those newspapers and magazines you wish to be delivered to your device. To get your favorite publication content placed onto your digital talking book player once you’ve downloaded the application, first plug your device into your computer using a USB cable and turn on your player; your computer should recognize the attached device before you launch the application. Then double-click on the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket application icon on your desktop to launch the software and connect to the server that will retrieve your content (NOTE: You can easily access the desktop by holding down the Windows key and the letter M). Launching the application will open up a command-prompt screen; your device will be recognized, and you will be asked to enter your codes and confirm the device’s name. The command-prompt screen will describe the download process for you; your content is at this time being transferred onto your digital talking book player. When your favorite content has been fully downloaded onto your device, the command prompt will say “Completed” and will indicate something in the form of “All Content Updated on (Your Name)’s Victor Reader Stream.” You may unplug your device at that time after using the “Safely Remove Hardware” utility on your computer.

Feature Usage Information

To read your favorite publication content on your digital talking book player, please read the section below that deals specifically with your make of device:


Once you’ve finished downloading your favorite publication content, you can begin reading your newspapers and magazines on your digital talking book player. The publication files will be placed in a folder called “NFBNewsline” in your Talking Books folder for those with a Victor Reader Stream. To begin reading your publications press 1 for your bookshelf. You will be presented with the titles of the publications on your digital talking book player along with whatever other material you have stored. For each paper there are three levels:

Level 1 is the title level (of the publication you’ve opened)
Level 2 is the section level
Level 3 is the articles level

At any of these levels pressing “play” will start the reading of your publication. Pressing the “2” and “8” buttons will cycle through the level choices (which include other options, such as sentence, word, and spell), and pressing the “4” and “6” buttons will move you to the previous or next option within each level, respectively. This means that, if you are at Level 2 (the sections title level), you will hear the titles of the various sections in your paper or magazine by pressing the “4” and “6” buttons. If you want to move from the sections level to the articles level, just press “8”and you will be taken to the articles level, and at that point you can press “4” and “6” to move from article to article. If at that time you want to move to the next section you’ll need to press “2” to access the Level 2 options. If you want to move from your current publication to another publication you’ll need to start by pressing “1;” doing so will take you back to your bookshelf where the publications’ titles will be listed. To delete a publication press the “3” key, and to confirm press pound.

For more information about the Victor Reader Stream, visit HumanWare on the Web. Visit this Web site to access the Victor Reader Stream's User Guide


Those with either an Icon or Braille+ first (after connecting their turned-on unit to their computer via a USB cable) need to turn on the device’s disk-drive option, which will essentially turn the device into a disk drive so that your computer and the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket software can recognize your unit and place your publications in the proper area. To do this, please select option number six (Utilities Menu) from the applications menu. Choose option three (Disk Drive Mode) and after your computer has found the new hardware (your Icon/Braille+) you can then launch the NFB-NEWSLINE® In Your Pocket software. Once your content has been downloaded, you can unplug your unit, making sure that you do so through the “Safely Remove Hardware” utility.

Once your publications have downloaded, you can access your favorite newspapers or magazines; these are available in your library. To select the publication you want to read, from the access menu select option 3 (Library Menu) and then select “Bookshelf.” After your unit has recognized new content, go to option 3 (All Books) and hit enter (the select button). Press the down arrow to select the content and date of publication you want and press the select button again. There are three levels for each publication, as follows:

Level 1 is the title level (of the publication you’ve opened)
Level 2 is the section level
Level 3 is the articles level (called subsections)

To move from section to section within a publication, press “8” to reach Level 2 (the sections level) and then press “7” or “9” to move backward and forward, respectively, throughout the newspaper’s list of sections. When you’ve reached the section you want, depress the “select” button and the entire section will be read. If you would prefer to hear just the titles of each article and select them individually as desired, after you’ve selected a particular section push “8” so that you enter Level 3 and can move from article to article (by using the “7” or “9” buttons). To listen to a specific article, depress the “select” button again. To exit that particular section, simply press “8” again to get to Level 2 and press “select.”

Other commands of use:

While an article is reading you can press the “select” button to pause the play.
Buttons “1” and “3” move from sentence to sentence, backward and forward respectively.

To learn more about the Icon digital talking book player, visit LevelStar’s Web site. Visit this site to access the Icon and Braille+ User Guide

We here on the NFB-NEWSLINE® team want to make sure that you get all of the information that you are looking for, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. We can be reached during the workweek from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern on (866) 504-7300 or you can send an e-mail to the NFB-NEWSLINE® team.
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